The Private Label Advantage

A premium wine with your exclusive label creates a one-of-a-kind product offering a multitude of advantages.

Businesses and Organizations will build brand and name recognition, strengthen customer loyalty, and create goodwill with private label wines offered as gifts or rewards, or served at banquets, celebrations, and other special events.

General and Wine Retailers will increase their competitive position and profit potential by offering their own store-brand premium wines.

Hotels and Resorts often create their own private label wines to offer as their “signature” wines.  This creates opportunities to increase profit margins while offering customers a price advantage over name brand wines.
At the same time, a premium signature wine helps support an upscale brand image.

Individuals, Couples and Families often add private label wines to highlight weddings, reunions, anniversaries, holidays, the birth of a child and other special events.  The wine is enjoyed – and the specially labeled bottle becomes a cherished keepsake.  Often, the same wine will be enjoyed years later in honor and celebration of that special occasion.